TeamLocker is a custom product solution for teams, leagues, high schools and club organizations across the USA and Canada.  Without leaving home or office, buyers can get professional recommendations, price quotes, design samples and real-time support from an international network of manufacturers.

Working with both buyers and suppliers, our goals are to simplify the quote-to-delivery process, expand product and pricing options, build convenient online buying tools, provide real-time customer support, reduce order errors and enable a community that shares product experiences and contributes to future development.

There are 3 tools for receiving quotes from our suppliers:

  1. INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS: Take a look through our database of newly-released and best-rated products.   To receive a quote on an individual item, enter your color, artwork and quantity preferences and proceed through checkout. All price results are then uploaded to a customized web page (or locker) that we build for you on our website. 
  2. PRODUCT COACH:  Need help finding the right item for your program? Take advantage of our 27+ years in the industry to help you make the right decision. Simply answer a few basic questions and we will get back to you with some well-researched options.  Get started here.
  3. POST A PROJECT: This is convenient feature for buyers of multiple items who don't have specific product styles in mind. Simply enter some basic information about your program and product preferences and we’ll send over some suggestions that meet your criteria. Get started here.

Yes, we do send general quote requests, generated from our Post a Project form, out to our supplier network. These RFQs are non-specific in nature (ie. Navy Hooded Sweatshirt) so we strive to offer the buyer the best pricing and product options available. For requests on individual items from our database, we do not bid these items but rely on the manufacturer's policy for quoting and transacting the order. This is usually a regional dealer/distributor who has been thoroughly vetted by the manufacturer and can provide the best service and support for their product.

Many of our manufacturers prefer to use a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) that would prevent us from showing the best offers available to our buyers. Through a quote system, we can bring a customized pricing to buyers on a special-offer basis.

Yes, each region is managed by a product specialist, who is responsible for quotes, order processing and customer support.

Physical samples are available on a loan basis after acceptance of pricing and terms.

The locker is designed to be a buyer's tool. A central location to share quotes, design samples and new product ideas with fellow coaches, admin, parents/players. and store past orders and logos for future reference.

For information on how to setup a locker for your organization, please contact us here.

No, the MSRP is simply a guide for buyers to use in their shop/quote process. It does not include artwork, shipping or tax costs.

TeamLocker runs 3 programs to help maximize the product and pricing options for buyers:
  1. QUICK-SHIP:  Our fastest delivery option (1-3 weeks) involves applying after-market logos to blank inventory items.  While this base level of customization is the most expensive, it can also serve the majority of customers through low order minimums.
  2. PRE-SEASON:  This booking program collects orders in advance, consolidates them with other customers in the region and delivers according to a pre-determined schedule. This model is good for ensuring size/color availability and best pricing.
  3. FACTORY DIRECT: For larger size orders of select items, buyers can place advance orders that are made-to-spec at one of our factories.  This option fully maximizes color/artwork/quality/feature options and reduces product costs by up to 40%.



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