You can invest a lot of time and money in developing your own online presence, but your efforts won't generate profits if buyers can't find the right product at the right time. That's where we come in.

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We Offer a Better Option:

In today’s marketplace, customers are looking for single-source solutions that maximize their purchasing options.  Through our online program for the team, booster and event sectors of the sports industry, buyers can receive personalized quotes, digital sample concepts and cost-free recommendations on their way to building their own branded products.


We handle the product specs and customer interaction, including quotes, uploads, payments, shipping and confirmations.


After sale follow-up includes satisfaction surveys and internal reviews to continually evolve product and process.

We Work for You:

Unlike other online solutions, we work on behalf of manufacturers to promote and showcase products directly to qualified buyers.  We are fully committed to a unified model that increases sales for our partners, protects profit margins, seamlessly communicates orders specs and shares product research and customer feedback.

Why TeamLocker?

With our commitment to new products, buyer services, a single-source market and digital processing, customers are expanding their product options and enhancing order efficiency through seamless supply chain communication.

For manufacturers, gaining a foothold in a secondary market like team sports can be both demanding and costly. As your strategic partner in this sector, we simplify your access, allowing you to concentrate on building your brand and customer relationships. Count on us to reduce your entry costs, enhance your visibility, safeguard your image, optimize the customer experience, stay updated on trends, and cultivate relationships with prominent sports organizations.

We invite you to join us!